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Located in secluded tall timber, 4 miles outside of Mifflinville PA, Woodland Whitetails perfectly sets the stage for Pennsylvania's favorite pastime.


Woodland Whitetails opened for business August 20, 2016 by Larry and Janet Lupini.  Our goal was to provide a custom-tailored and safe hunting experience for you.

Our very first hunt was August 20, 2016. Dennis Leonard had a large non-typical in velvet on his bucket list. After 14 hours of diligent hunting he connected with this 500" monster.

We only allow one hunter at a time. This means that during your stay with us our hunting ranch is entirely yours. This approach allows us to focus 100% on your hunting experience. 

Perfect for those who prefer a more peace and quiet approach to hunting!



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38 Drumheller Lane, Nescopeck, PA 18635







  • Hunting Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • A Sighted In Weapon of your choice
  • Large Cooler To Transport Your Quartered Meat
  • Patience to connect with your trophy.




Unpack and get settled in our stylish rustic-contemporary cabin.
You'll meet our staff as we prepare a hearty supper. Of course we will outline and discuss your hunt.


Saturday morning will be an early rise in anticipation of the day's hunt. Coffee and breakfast, then head out to your stand with your guide.
We have positioned stand to facilitate the natural habits of the wiley whitetail, posting you between their bedding area and feeding area.
We like to be in position as first light starts.
Your hunt starts with incredible anticipation and that's where patience is paramount. 

When you do harvest your trophy, we will take pictures in the hunting area, load your trophy and a few more pictures back at the cabin with the staff. 
Then, to the butcher shop after we score your buck. 
If you plan on having him mounted, we will cape out and then quarter the meat for your cooler to transport home.



Chris Sees connected with this massive 147" Trophy today with 12 points. 
Chris being an avid Bow Hunter with many successful hunts in the past had on his bucket list to harvest a Trophy wall hanger.
After setting many hours on stand and not seeing the Buck he wanted. He decided to try his first ever spot and stalk hunt and after two hours the proof is in the picture. 
Congratulations to Chris

Other Successful Hunters This Past Season

The Lodge

During your visit to Woodland Whitetails, we will welcome you home in our stylish rustic-contemporary hunting cabin. Our 1,000 sq. ft. cabin has all of the amenities of home; including a complete kitchen, spacious living and sleeping areas, and satelite TV.  We want you to be comfortable during your stay.  We also provide handicapped accessible bathroom and sleep area! 
During the day, hunters can return to the cabin to eat or just relax. 


A few of our bucks ready for harvest


  • Bronze - up to 140 inches - $900 to $2,950 $500.00 Deposit Required.
  • Silver - 141 to 170 inches - $2,951 to $5,100 $1,000.00 Deposit Required
  • Gold - 171 to 190 inches - $5,101 to $7,300 $1,500.00 Deposit Required
  • Diamond - 191 to 210 inches - $7,301 to $9,100.00 $3,000.00 Deposit Required
  • Mega - 211 to 240 inches - $9,101 to $10,800 $3,000.00 Deposit Required
  • Platinum - 241 inches and up Call For Pricing


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